Innovation IP®

What is Innovation IP®?

Innovation IP® is a program funded by Callaghan Innovation which supports James & Wells to kick-start your businesses’ intellectual property (IP) strategy. The goal is to give you the knowledge, capability and confidence to leverage intellectual assets to enable growth and reduce risk.

How will Innovation IP® help you?

It will show you how to:

  • manage risk;
  • develop and implement systems to avoid losing valuable IP;
  • learn how to identify important IP assets and the right tools to protect those; and
  • discover how to leverage IP value for faster growth and contractual arrangements.

Who is Innovation IP® for?

Innovation IP® is designed for businesses of any size that are:

  • generating valuable IP;
  • investing in R&D and eager to maximise the value of their IP;
  • wanting to understand their freedom to commercialise innovation and how to avoid risk of infringement;
  • developing or refining a business strategy, or looking to accelerate growth;
  • working with multiple parties in joint ventures; and
  • are current or emerging exporters.

How it works

Stage 1: Helps you understand your own IP and develop an IP strategy consistent with your overall business strategy.

Stage 2: Provides financial support to help you implement an IP strategy.

Why choose James & Wells?

James & Wells advocates businesses engaging with big picture ideas to ensure viable commercial success. Our team has experience working with a wide range of organisations across many technology fields, to create and implement strategies that realise the true value of their ideas.

The diverse business and scientific backgrounds of our multidisciplinary team enable a wider context to our advice. We understand how IP strategies can drive better business outcomes.

Our advice is pragmatic, commercially relevant and easily understood. Recommendations and strategies are designed to be easily integrated into business structures.


Stage 1 costs $6,000 + GST.
Callaghan Innovation will fund 40% of this cost.

Stage 2 costs starting from $800 + GST depending on client requirements.
Callaghan Innovation will fund 40% of this cost, up to a total project value of $12,500 + GST.

Want to know more?

Talk to the James & Wells team. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

You can also find out more about the Innovation IP® program on Callaghan Innovation’s website: Innovation IP®.

Get in touch to find out more.