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Intellectual property funding options

The New Zealand Government recognises that the country’s future economic growth is dependent on a thriving innovation ecosystem and the creation of world-class businesses built on solid intellectual property assets.

Set out below is an overview of sources of funding available to support businesses with their intellectual property (IP). Each is designed to address a different need.

IP capability training

If you need help to build capability and understanding of IP within your business, James & Wells offer three training sessions that are co-funded by the Regional Business Partner Network Capability Voucher Scheme.

These co-funded training and coaching services are:

Identify and protect your intellectual property
One on one capability training covering IP fundamentals

Commercial pathways coaching
Ongoing coaching on how to leverage IP for commercial success

Innovation insights coaching
One on one coaching on how to extract business insights from IP data

Eligible participants receive a 50% subsidy toward registered service costs, up to a maximum of NZ$5,000 (plus GST) per annum.

Further details are available here.

IP strategy development and implementation

If you need help with development and implementation of an IP strategy, you may be eligible to receive funding and support through Innovation IP®, a programme offered via Callaghan Innovation.

Comprising two stages, stage one involves the design and development of an IP strategy and stage two covers IP strategy implementation.

Qualifying businesses receive co-funding of up to 40% of eligible costs to a maximum of NZ$10,000 (excluding GST) per annum.

James & Wells is an approved stage two provider.

Further details about the programme are provided here.

Research and development (R&D) funding

If you need funding support to kick-start your R&D activity, you may be eligible for a Getting Started Grant from Callaghan Innovation.

This grant is suitable for businesses that are working to determine product specifications or user requirements, or about to launch R&D activities.

Up to 40% of eligible R&D project costs are co-funded up to a maximum of NZ$5,000 (excluding GST) per annum.

Further details are available here.

If you’re looking to expand your R&D activities, take your R&D expertise to a new level, or invest in a more substantial R&D project, you may be eligible for a Project Grant from Callaghan Innovation.

Qualifying businesses and projects receive up to 40% co-funding of eligible R&D project costs up to a maximum spend of NZ$800,000 excluding GST.

This reduces to 20% for large projects or when a business has received multiple grants. Special conditions apply.

Freedom to operate (FTO) and IP strategy costs are considered eligible project costs under this scheme.

Further details are provided here.

If you need assistance to determine which of these funding options may be best suited to your requirements, contact us.

We’re happy to talk you through what each option offers so you can decide which might be worth considering for your business.