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Whether you are new to intellectual property (IP) and would like a basic overview, or are looking for more detailed information, our helpful info section has valuable resources developed to educate and inform.

Intellectual property is often the most valuable but least understood asset of successful businesses. Intellectual property can include innovations, products, processes and know how, as well as trade marks and the goodwill of an associated business.

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Design Registration

A design registration provides protection for aspects of the appearance of an article, such as its shape, configuration, pattern or ornamentation.


Copyright is a property right which automatically exists in certain categories of original works.

Plant Variety Rights

Plant variety protection extends to virtually any kind of plant which fulfills the criteria of being new, distinct, homogeneous and stable.

Domain Names

Having the right domain name is crucial in today’s commercial world – so too is enforcing your rights in domain name registrations.

Border protection

Trade mark and copyright rights can be used to stop the importation of counterfeit products.

Fair trading in New Zealand

The Fair Trading Act 1986, the tort of passing off, the Sale of Goods Act 1908 and the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.

Litigation / Disputes

Oppositions, alternative dispute resolution, infringement proceedings, anti-counterfeiting, domain name disputes, fair trading in New Zealand.


Intellectual property agreements, licensing, joint ventures, franchising, competitive intelligence, due diligence, and IP audits.

IP myths

There are many misconceptions around intellectual property and the rights individuals have in their ideas and inventions.

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