Senior Associate

Jason Tuck

Areas of Expertise

Patents, Design Registration, Trade Secrets & Non-Disclosure
Qualifications & Memberships
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) (Electronics)
  • Registered Patent Attorney - Australia and New Zealand
  • Fellow - New Zealand Intellectual Property Attorneys Inc (NZIPA)

About Jason

Ensuring businesses have sound commercial objectives in place, Jason provides advice on identifying, securing, and leveraging their IP – particularly in relation to patents and designs.

Between local exporters and overseas companies entering New Zealand, Jason has experience in advising on freedom to operate, and drafting and prosecuting patent applications, in a variety of international markets – particularly in the US, Europe and Australia.

He has a particular interest in electromechanical technologies, but having worked hands on in forestry and dairy, he also understands the needs of a variety of sectors.

Jason has been recognised as an ‘IP Rising Star’ of 2020/21 by Managing Intellectual Property.

You’d probably recognise a few of Jason’s clients; they’re the type of businesses that feature on Fortune 250 lists. But whether a global king pin, or a solo Kiwi trying to break into the New Zealand market, Jason is passionate about crafting IP strategies to meet unique business objectives.

Away from the office, Jason loves to “relax” with his family: dad and husband are his key job titles. He has visions of living out his dreams of playing professional basketball vicariously through one of his children.