July 17, 2023

James & Wells Enters Gaming Sector


We are pleased to announce we have entered the gaming sector. With a team of experts that meet the unique needs of developers, the firm is expertly placed to help game developers protect, grow, and commercialise their IP.

Associate Sam Parkinson said: “The IP demands of game developers are unique, and they require a team of experts that can both speak their language and expertly meet their needs. They face challenges in many areas of IP, ranging from patents to character protection. There are also considerations that need to be taken into account when developing games, including licencing the use of music, or developing on certain protected platforms. We can advise game developers on all of these issues, and help them to monetise their inventions.”

The James & Wells gaming team comprises experts in game development, software development, copyright, licencing, merchandising, trade marks, and litigation. Sam Parkinson, who is an Electronic Engineer and Patent Attorney, is also an experienced game developer. He has unique insight on the intellectual property issues the gaming sector faces.

Partner Jonathan Lucas said: “This is an exciting time for the firm as we step into the gaming sector. Our team is expertly placed to meet the demands of the industry, and their detailed understanding of the nuances of gaming intellectual property issues mean we will be able to provide exemplary service to clients.”

The move into the gaming sector means James & Wells is one of the few IP firms in Australasia that offers specialist gaming IP advice. The gaming team are experts in all experts of intellectual property, with the added benefit of direct game development experience.

Since 1979, James & Wells has been at the forefront of innovation in Australasia. The firm’s award-winning team help businesses grow, leverage, and protect their IP. Their depth of experience ranges from managing large IP portfolios for international corporations, right through to protecting the ideas of start-ups, and everything in between.

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