Reciprocal relationships across borders

As one of Australasia’s premier, privately-owned intellectual property law firm, James & Wells represents a growing number of the region’s most innovative export businesses.

To cater to the needs of  local businesses seeking to secure IP protection in major international markets, we have built up an extensive network of international associates in the United States, Europe and right across Asia. We reciprocate by providing a full suite of IP filing and renewal services throughout Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands.

Our attorneys are trained and registered to practice in Australia and New Zealand and are proficient in the main European and Asian languages. With eight of the top ten trading partners being countries in Asia, we have a specialist, multilingual team of IP experts who are proficient in doing business in Asia and can act as a cultural and commercial bridge for Asian associates whose clients are doing business in this part of the world.

James & Wells Partners are members of several professional and industry organisations and travel regularly to meet with international associates. We also host visits to Australia and New Zealand by associate firms wishing to strengthen their local market knowledge and relationships.

If you value working with an independent patent attorney firm that you can trust to put client interests and outcomes above all else, contact us today.