Champions of innovation unite

James & Wells, New Zealand’s largest privately-owned intellectual property practice, and one of Australasia’s leading independent patent and trade mark firms, is expanding its presence in Australia with the acquisition of Brisbane based Innofy IP. Innofy is a perfect match for James & Wells. Both firms are aligned in their commitment to being a client focussed independent IP firm, privately owned by patent attorneys.

What we stand for

Our culture and ethos is dedicated to ensuring that clever thinking gets the recognition it deserves.
We are a passionate bunch to work alongside. Our team of intellectual property experts include scientists, engineers, accountants, business strategists, lawyers, and commercialisation specialists dedicated to championing innovation, not just locally, but on a global scale.
Our vision is to be the most sought-after intellectual property firm across Australia & New Zealand.

A bit about us

With 75% of our clients based in Australasia, we know how to obtain and enforce effective IP rights in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands - that’s why we are the ‘Champions of Innovation’.

Starting out with just one patent attorney in 1979, James & Wells has since grown to become one of New Zealand’s leading independent intellectual property firms. Our reason for being is to support innovative Kiwi businesses – helping them grow locally and internationally.

We are experts in all aspects of intellectual property. We go the extra mile to provide clients with connections to the right people, funding and investment opportunities, and offer strategic business advice. We facilitate valuable networking events and educate on the use of intellectual property to grow business.

We have the largest and most formidable intellectual property litigation team in New Zealand. We employ leading experts in all major technical fields and are the go-to firm for doing business in Asia. We are a top ranked patent and trade mark filer in New Zealand and have won many prestigious international awards.

Keen to join us

We are a specialist intellectual property firm with a fresh take on workplace culture and an ethos dedicated to championing innovation.

If you are passionate about success and ready to take on a challenge, feel free to apply for one of our jobs below or register your interest and we'll keep you posted as new opportunities become available.

Partnership structure

James & Wells is the trading style of two separate partnerships, James & Wells Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys and James & Wells Lawyers. A detailed breakdown of the respective partnerships is as follows:
James & Wells Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys
Ceri Wells Registered Patent Attorney Barrister & Solicitor
Ian Finch Registered Patent Attorney Barrister & Solicitor
Jason Rogers Registered Patent Attorney Barrister & Solicitor
Tim Walden Registered Patent Attorney Barrister & Solicitor
Gus Hazel Registered Patent Attorney Barrister & Solicitor
Carrick Robinson Registered Patent Attorney
Jonathan Lucas Registered Patent Attorney
James & Wells Lawyers
Ceri Wells Registered Patent Attorney Barrister & Solicitor
Ian Finch Registered Patent Attorney Barrister & Solicitor
Jason Rogers Registered Patent Attorney Barrister & Solicitor
Tim Walden Registered Patent Attorney Barrister & Solicitor
Gus Hazel Registered Patent Attorney Barrister & Solicitor

It has been necessary for us to adopt this dual partnership structure in order to comply with the requirements of the Lawyers & Conveyancers Act 2006 and the Patents Acts 2013, each of which reserves particular areas of work for lawyers and registered patent attorneys.

The partners of James & Wells Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys are registered patent attorneys and subject to the Code of Practice and disciplinary procedure of the Institute of Patent Attorneys. Similarly, the partners of James & Wells Lawyers are lawyers and, therefore, subject to the ethical constraints and disciplinary procedures of the New Zealand Law Society. Some of our partners are both registered patent attorneys and lawyers and are a partner in both practices.

Generally speaking, all work associated with a patent will be conducted, or supervised, by a registered patent attorney. All work, generally speaking, related to an infringement of your rights, legal proceedings etc, will be conducted, or supervised, by a lawyer. Any other work is likely to be conducted, or supervised, by a person who is either a registered patent attorney or a lawyer (and possibly both).

For your security, money received from you or on your behalf for matters relating to reserved areas of work, other than in payment of invoices which we have already issued, will be held in a trust account operated by James & Wells Lawyers.

If you are in any doubt as to whether the person you are dealing with is a lawyer or registered patent attorney, please feel free to clarify this with them, their supervising partner, or by accessing their qualifications via the "Our team" section of this website.

Working with us

To add real value it is important we learn about your business and understand your business needs. Here you will find information and resources to help get you started.
Enquiry Meeting Information

Our ‘enquiry meeting information sheet’ is designed to make the getting-to-know-you stage of our relationship easier from the start. Take a look and see what our first meeting is about and what we need from you to really add value.

Terms of Engagement

Our ‘terms of engagement’ defines how we will work together. Getting these formalities out of the way at the very start means we are free to concentrate on your business needs. This gives you confidence that we have good procedures that govern the way we work together. So you should read it.

Account Application

Before we can indulge in the interesting stuff (finding out about your innovation), we have to do some business housekeeping. We need to make sure we have your correct details on our ‘account application form’ and that we are working with the right parties. Just fill out the form and send it back to us.

Payment Procedure

Finally, it's got to be done. Let’s dot the I’s and cross the T’s and hopefully our payment procedures make it easy.

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