• Dispute considerations

    In-house counsel deal with a broad range of legal issues that must be addressed within limited budget, time and resource constraints. Knowing how and when to escalate is essential to getting the result you need as efficiently as possible – from business-to-business ‘soft’ communications to formal cease and desist letters, sharp threats of litigation, or formally instituting legal proceedings – and when and how to use alternative dispute resolution procedures such as mediation.Read more

  • Eight 2021 IP Stars announced at James & Wells

    We are delighted to announce that eight of our practitioners have been recognised as 2021 IP Stars by Managing IP.Read more

  • When is it safe to disclose your invention?

    When you have an idea for a new invention, it’s only natural you’d want to share it. Discussing your product or process with others can provide valuable feedback and help you work through any issues or concerns. But if you want to turn your idea into a profitable business, it’s essential to consider intellectual property protection before disclosing details.Read more

  • James & Wells’ newest partner credits a job ad with getting him into patent law

    Australasian Lawyer interviewed Nick Mountford about his journey to becoming a patent attorney, being part of Apple vs Samsung, the importance of being easy to work with, and the challenge of connecting with clients in COVID-19.Read more

  • Report shows COVID-19’s effect on Australian IP filings – but does it offer insights into how to respond to it?

    IP Australia's recently released annual report reveals insights into the way COVID-19 has affected its clients and how Australian businesses may have responded to the crisis' economic shocks.Read more

  • The brain drain: why are senior patent attorneys leaving?

    Corporatisation is to blame for the exodus of senior patent attorneys from formerly private firms, say Ceri Wells and Adam Luxton of James & Wells. They explain why they believe the rise of the listed IP firm has drawbacks – and offer advice for anyone looking to secure the services of a good patent attorney.Read more

  • Working from home and copyright rights: the need for certainty of ownership

    In pre-Covid days, if you created copyright works such as drawings or source code as part of your job, the odds are you would have done so during ‘normal office hours’. These days, many office-based employees now work flexible hours and work from home. As a result, ascertaining who is the owner of copyright in drawings or source code may be a little harder to discern.Read more

  • Abolishment of Australian Innovation Patents

    Intellectual property protection has always been important to the food/beverage and packaging sector. Patents and registered designs are tools that are frequently used to protect new technologies in this space. But not all patents are created equal… and things are about to change.Read more

  • Social media – intellectual property owner’s friend or foe?

    In the context of intellectual property (IP) rights, whether social media platforms are your friend or foe depends on two factors, how you manage the IP rights of your own business, and how you treat the rights of others. In this article, we focus on the two IP rights that feature most prominently in social media marketing – copyright and trade marks – and how these should be managed on social mediaRead more

  • IP litigation star promoted to Partner

    We are delighted to announce Jason Wach’s promotion to Partner. Jason has specialised in IP litigation for 13 years and has extensive experience acting for local and international businesses and assisting them with obtaining and enforcing IP rights.Read more

  • Innovation Patent Abusers Ramp-Up Activity

    The innovation patent is currently the second tier of Australia’s two-tier patent system but is being phased out from 26 August 2021.A recent update from IP Australia indicated that there are delays in the grant of innovation patents due to the volume of applications being filed. Read more.Read more

  • IAM interviews James & Wells Partner Ian Finch

    Internationally recognised platform, IAM, interviewed James & Wells Partner Ian Finch after he was recommend its Global Leaders publication. Read more

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