June 25, 2018

James & Wells proud to announce new partnership to help business growth

Specialist intellectual property firm James & Wells is proud to announce their partnership with New Zealand SME business growth centre, The Icehouse.

The partnership will see James & Wells continuing its mission as New Zealand’s ‘Champions of Innovation’, helping businesses working with The Icehouse to drive innovation and growth by protecting and leveraging their valuable intellectual property assets.

James & Wells Partner Carrick Robinson says “We are delighted to join with The Icehouse to raise awareness and educate business owners and entrepreneurs on the value and potential of their intellectual property.  This is a great opportunity to continue helping New Zealand businesses understand the importance of using intellectual property strategically to protect and leverage their competitive advantage, both at home and overseas.  We are looking forward to working hand in hand with The Icehouse to help New Zealand business owners achieve their full potential.”

CEO of The Icehouse Andrew Hamilton says partnerships with organisations like James & Wells are vital to enabling success within the New Zealand business community. “We believe in the extraordinary potential of New Zealand business owners and entrepreneurs. Small business is the life-blood of the New Zealand economy, and it takes a lot more than potential alone to create success and sustained growth. At The Icehouse we work to enable success what-ever that might look like, and by connecting businesses with James & Wells, we are in a much better position to be able to protect and sustain that growth. We are looking forward to developing the partnership with James & Wells for the benefit of the heroes of our economy, small business.”

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